About Me

I was late to the blogging game. Part of the reason was because for years I was moving so fast that I didn’t have a chance to make a regular routine of writing.

As a person with a seemingly diverse collection of activities, I didn't know how to organize it all. I copied the format for this site from someone else who was doing many of the same things as me. Sometimes you have to copy others in order to help your own ideas rise to the surface.

Kurt Vonnegut said "(at the very least) write for one person."

I have two.

This site is a place for my thoughts to exist in a public way: outside of my own mind, where my loved ones can find them.  
I gave up on using social media. When I'm gone, this site will be all that's left of me.

I have a very happy life and I'm proud of choices I’ve made—they’ve lead to important opportunities.  Over the years I’ve gotten to spend time with some truly wonderful people. 

Personal Timeline
  • 1984: born Sept. 23 in Harvard, IL.

  • 1992: started piano lessons.

  • 1995: got my first guitar and also took trumpet lessons.

  • 1996: saw my first live concert; Smashing Pumpkins in Milwaukee, WI.

  • 2001: met a girl while working in the kitchen at a summer camp.

  • 2003: graduated high school and attended North Central College in Naperville, IL.

  • 2004: joined a band that allowed me to play music all over Chicagoland.

  • 2008: graduated college with a Music/Education degree. Started a long list of gigs.

  • 2009: married that girl from the summer camp job.

  • 2010: first full time teaching job in WI. 

  • 2011: got hired, for the first time, to write music for other schools.

  • 2012: became a father.

  • 2013: left WI school to teach in IL.

  • 2014: became a father, again.

  • 2015: 'retired' from the music classroom. Began teaching Montessori Elementary.

  • 2018: 'retired' from the Elementary classroom.

  • 2019: started a flotation therapy business.

  • 2020: Starting teaching K-8 Visual Arts

Anything else? Email me.