I Didn't See Bigfoot

I was on a vacation out to visit my brother in Oregon while he was in college. It was damp and he said the hiking was great. I had been a high school football star that dominated the other teams. I had seventy tackles in my last four games. So you could say that I could handle any rough terrain. I was out for a 3 mile hike and it was really dense. Hard to see ten feet ahead of me in some places. There was something walking along the path that I didn’t see. It was there who knows how long. But at one point I heard what sounded like a sneeze. I turned left to see a large hairy creature squinting his eyes and rubbing his nose with a huge hand. All it did was rub and then it met my eyeline. I guess I was frozen in one spot because I felt my feet unable to move. I was nodding my head, as if to tell myself “ok, I guess this is it.” The creature seemed to nod back and then turned its back to me and walked away into the brush. I stood a long time trying to piece together what had just happened and I decided to not tell anyone. How could I? Nobody would believe me anyway.

(this short story was written as part of a '4 Minute' exercise from Lynda Barry)