from "Get Better":

A few quick thoughts on several other important topics…

Dollars and Sense

  • Make lists for want you want and what you need.
  • Utilize free resources for music.
  • Learn early on how to fill out purchase orders.

Prep Period
  • It might also be your lunchtime.
  • It might be spent traveling to another building.
  • Plan so you don’t need it.

Recording Rehearsals and Concerts
  • Record yourself…often.
  • Eventually it becomes not entirely unpleasant.
  • Fix what is horrible.

Sound System
  • Look up how EQ works.
  • Research different microphones and speakers.
  • Learn what causes feedback and how to kill it quickly.

  • Find the latest apps and software.
  • Try them out if they offer a chance to make you or your students better.

Time Management for Rehearsals
  • Block out each minute.
  • Notice how long things actually take.
  • Adjust accordingly