Is your child struggling at school?

Are they upset that they don't 'get it' ?

Do they need extra help in a new way?

~ Hands-on learning approaches
~ Research-based materials
~ Conceptual understanding 

I offer one-on-one and group tutoring for students aged 6-16 in the following subject areas:


-Physical, Political and Economic
-Air, Water and Life

-Natural and Human History
-Study of Cultures and Civilizations

-Grammar and Parts of Speech
-Language Expression and Analysis
-Reading Comprehension

-Numeration and Operations
-Fractions and Decimals
-Linear Equations and Algebra

~ Montessori trained (AMI) Professional Educator

~ In accordance with Common Core and Public School curriculums.  

Consider a different approach to learning...

...focused on your students' individual needs to improve and enrich them in their academic careers.

Please contact for details.