I think it's fascinating to find patterns and explore words. I've always enjoyed doing the jumble in the newspaper, word searches and other word puzzles.

Even names are a puzzle that contain all sorts of words. My favorite anagram of the letters in my full name: Lead New HD Magic Lives.

Here are two definitions from Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary...


- Concerned with the individual rather than society

- Relating to, measured from, or as if observed from the earth's center

If you swap the first two letters it changes EVERYTHING.

When acting from our ego, we only see ourselves and what WE do. It's all about us and is very limiting. (George Harrison was right when he sang "I, Me, Mine")

But, we can alter the way we behave so our contribution is focused toward helping the entire planet. That’s the beauty of it. The greater good of all people INCLUDES us.

Like the anagram, the same letters occur but the intention is different. 
All that matters is how we serve others.

For me that means: reading, writing, thinking, learning and sharing what I know.