Separate Your Passion

I was a working musician. The glamour and lifestyle was something I had dreamed about since I was a kid. I was even a 'rockstar' for a little while. (pictured below) 

At one point I had five part time music jobs that paid my bills and let me eat. But after a while things changed. Each gig was only a dollar amount. All that mattered was if I could afford to take it. The music itself was trivial.

My intention had shifted and music was not fun anymore. Fearing that the excitement was gone forever, I took a random job in an unrelated field that would pay my bills. 

I took a break from my passion for music for almost year. By then, I could see each gig as an opportunity rather than necessity.  I fell in love with music all over again.

Our passions are not as solid as we think. They are delicate and can lose their value if our intentions shift.

I'm pretty unusual, so this is not the same for everyone. 
Other people are thrilled to make a living by following their dream. But keeping my job and passions separate keeps a clear focus and value for each.