How to Find Inspiration

Here's a quick list of people who give me ideas, and why. I research one or more of them when looking for a boost.

Know what inspires you so that you recognize when you find it.

James Altucher, author 
- productivity and intentions

Kirsten Dirksen, filmographer
- simple living, travel

Rob Greenfield, environmentalist 
- altruism

George Harrison, musician 
- spiritual and musical

Ernest Hemingway, author 
- minimal writer and adventurer

Graham Hill, entrepreneur 
- intentional and innovative

Abby Martin, journalist

Lin-Manuel Miranda, composer
- innovation

Joni Mitchell, artist
- creativity

Bj Novak, writer 
- creativity

Maria Popova, blogger
- seeker of knowledge

Rives, poet 
- wordsmith, positivity and inventiveness

Joe Rogan, podcaster 
- discipline

Christopher Ryan, author 
- practical joyfulness

Stephen Sondheim, composer 
- intellectual and constructive

Duncan Trussell, podcaster 

- patience and humor

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