How to Justify Sacred Music

from "Get Better":

You’ve had lectures on this subject in your methods classes already. If not, you will. If you’re unsure, you should bring it up as a discussion question. It’s important.

There is a huge issue within the public schools regarding the implementation and avoidance of sacred or spiritual content.

But the loudest complaints are missing the point…Sacred music WAS the pop music of its day. The church was A BIG DEAL.

Just because we’re singing about sacred ideas doesn’t mean we have to believe them.

You aren't preaching to your students. You’re not trying to convert anybody to any kinds of ideas. At least I hope you’re not.

We are paying respect to the art form and conveying the ideas in a stylistically appropriate way. It’s important history. 

Unfortunately, there will always be people who always find all ways to be offended.