"It's Just Music"

from "Get Better":

There are guidance counselors that will think your class is a perfect time to call a meeting. Many parents will ask if their child can use your class period to meet with another teacher for additional help.  

You will overhear conversations and comments from colleagues who have their own personal issues with you, or with your position.

“It’s just music class anyway.  What’s the big deal?  You rehearse all the time, right? How big of a difference will it make to miss one class?”

‘Music is the ocean into which the rivers of life flow’ is something that Shakespeare probably said, or worded differently.  Or maybe someone else said or thought it.  I don’t know.  I do know that I just thought of it and most likely heard it somewhere else.  

Music class is about the human psyche and the need to be creative. It’s about having fun with friends and learning life skills that will help with confidence, collaboration and compromise. (But wait, there's more...)

It’s what math sounds like.  Music is history and geography. It’s culture and politics. Music is expressive and creative and poetic.  It’s all of these things.  

Each piece has the potential to draw out all other curricular areas.  Name any other curricular class that allows the freedom of the teacher to interact with students in this way?  YOU CANT! 

Your class is the place where thinking can occur.  And they need to be able to think.  They might not be thinking in their other classes.  Most likely, they are just keeping up and trying not to panic.

Do you remember the first sentence of Chapter 1?