First Night at the New Job

I checked into my AirBnb a couple hours before my conference started. “this is the bedroom my parents stay in when they visit” said my host. It was a converted office/den just off the living room. “They’re too old for our stairs, so this works great for them and is private enough.” I unpacked and got ready to leave. “We will be home late, so if you get here before us no need to wait up. We will see you for breakfast sometime in the morning.” I went to my conference. It was all exciting stuff, I had just started a new job and this was part of my training. Afterwards a group of us found a bar for dinner. Many drinks and laughs later I called an Uber to go back to the house. I used the code they gave me to open the garage door. I was pretty buzzed so I had no trouble getting to sleep. Sometime during the night I heard noise coming from the other room. There were drawers opening and closing, footsteps and at one point, the doorknob to my room being turned. I had locked the deadbolt out of habit and I didn’t think much of it. They were probably checking to see if I had made it back to the house alright. I should have left a note or something. I fell back asleep and woke the next morning to flickering red and blue lights creeping through the curtains. After getting dressed I went out to find the living room a huge mess and my hosts talking to the two police officers. Their house had been robbed during the night and my bedroom was the only room that wasn’t destroyed.

(this short story was written as part of a '4 Minute' exercise from Lynda Barry)