What's New With Me...


The summer has gone faster than the spring shutdown. We have been busy at my house. Available options for the kids have been limited due to COVID risks. But we've found some fun things to do, and even snuck in a trip to visit family.


Usually I have more than one book going at a time. But reading has been hard lately.  I'm about 200 pages into a huge 600 page Da Vinci biography. 

I watched the 10 part Michael Jordan documentary recently and got all nostalgic about being a kid in the 90s. So many great things were happening during that time. All my favorite albums, movies and tv shows were made in that decade. So I've been revisiting many of them with the help of the various streaming services.  

Another thing I've been doing is saving my daily podcasts for the afternoon when I go on a long walk through my neighborhood. Instead of sitting to listen, I walk, some days for almost 2 hours, getting inspiration and exercise at the same time.


Show choir writing season is here.  It's a very fun time for me.  Lots of possibilities floating around as show ideas are coming together.  Arranging music for other people doesn't make me miss teaching. It's like building ships that I won't have to sail. 

Also, I'm trying to finish up a couple of lingering projects that are still on my list before the school year starts officially.  

(This update was July 26st, 2020)

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