What to Watch When You're Observing

from "Get Better":

Some important questions worth answering:

  • What do students do as soon as they arrive?
  • Where do they store their backpacks and coats?
  • Are there officers that are in charge of taking attendance?
  • Is there a place in the classroom where handouts are stored?
  • When is a good time to disperse them?
  • What happens when the teacher has to discipline a student during rehearsal?
  • Are there choices for the disciplined student to continue to participate?
  • How to handle bad attitudes?
  • Are students moved into groups?
  • Are there section leaders that answer questions?
  • What does a syllabus look like for this program?
  • How is it shared and discussed within the group?
  • How does the teacher learn all those names?
  • How do they do voice placement and getting people into the right sections? 

You already have ideas about teaching actual music. You need to watch everything else. Ask lots of questions.