Persona vs. Personal

from "Get Better":

You are a role model whether you want to be or not. Depending on the age of your students, they are looking to you for advice and example.

When you’re “ON” it’s go time. You are playing the role of the successful and heroic leader of the ensemble. Even if on the inside you're scrambling or scared, it's in the best interest of the students that you're able to slow down your thinking and make the best choices.

Did you ever run into a teacher at the supermarket, gas station, or anywhere else around town? Wasn’t it weird? You knew each other but weren't sure how to interact outside of the classroom. I used to talk to my students about that feeling. I’d say “you know why it feels weird? It’s because we aren't friends.” Consider the objective truth of that sentence.

You are an adult they see every day that knows them pretty well. But you’re not a parent and you’re not a friend. You’re friendly. That’s the limit to the relationship.

Being the director/teacher is just one part of you. The 'real' you is everything else. But the kids don’t know that.