Keeping the Plates Spinning

from "Get Better":

The year starts off and its not long before a suggestion you make is met with that oh so common and dangerous response. It sounds something like this…

“We don’t do it that way.”

“We usually…”.

“In the past…”

Ok, now what? Maybe you’ve inherited a program from a beloved teacher that either left or retired. What does that mean for your idea? What about any other ideas you might have? What if ‘the way it’s always been done’ is not the ‘best way to do it” ?

A-HA, we’ve encountered our first ‘spinning plate’: a part of your job that is already in motion.

It’s delicate to navigate because you’ve identified an inefficiency in the order of operations. Or you’ve figured out a way to supplement something. You have a decision to make: how important is it?

It is perfectly natural for you to want to bring something new to the table in your classroom.

An even bigger challenge is not getting addicted to the effects of your good decisions. The last thing you want during your first year is the impression that you are ‘killing it’. It’s called Beginners Luck for a reason.

But it’s your classroom. What is it that you will now build and how much will have to change for you to do so?