Human Tendencies and Montessori Education - by Mario Montessori

my notes:

One must go behind the curtains of outer behavior and reach something that is deep and basic and creative.

The child should, after 6, “incarnate” the world as he, in the preceding years of his life, has incarnated the immediate environment.

Base yourself upon the fundamental facts that do no change.

One might come to the conclusion that man is a sort of parasite of his environment.

God has arranged matters so that each expression of creation is of service to the rest.

I give my life and I give my energy in order to contribute to some item essential to the life of something which is to follow me and which is better than I am.

This is the way of working of God: To arrange matters so that even when one is being egoist to the utmost, one is still being of services to the upkeep of something else which exists in its time.

To give the children ‘ the keys to the world,’ the children should have an experience of their own with the world, so that they learn to appreciate it and the people living in it.

The reality of society is that everyone is dependent on everyone else.

Can anyone in the possessions of its wits really believe that it was a few flamboyant political figures who caused the two world wars? Stop and Think!

If one becomes adapted only to one nation, one is not adapted to the world of our times.

Education is viewed as a help to fulfill the optimum potential of the child.

If ever anybody had the right to say “God, why hast thou forsaken me?!’ - that was man.

Either give up and die, or strive to develop his dormant possibilities and survive!

God made him free of the psychic bonds that limited the other animals.

You see, the important thing was that man had been given freedom of spirit.

Outwardly he may have appeared to be the poorest of the poor because he had been given nothing, but those who commiserated him, forgot the gift of intelligence probably because it was invisible.

Orientation is one of the first tendencies to appear in the child.

It is touching to realize that we are the heirs of millions of people who, through pleasant, and sometimes very terrible experiences, made food safe for us.

And so man created in his mind something which did not exist. Why did he succeed? Because man was endowed with imagination and knew to what use to put it.

One might express the essential difference between man and animal by saying that man is a psyche which has a body at his disposal, whilst the animals have a body which had a psyche at their disposal.

Experience and activity are essential in order to make intelligence expand and acquire greater understanding.

Man has not only been endowed with a mathematical mind, but also with the urge to use it.

But if mathematics were terrible, they would not have come to exist, for they are the creation of man.

I repeat and repeat until i have achieved that degree of perfection that satisfies my spirit.

Starting from nothing, humanity has reached the level of civilization we enjoy today.

The greatest possible satisfaction one can have is to become conscious master of himself.

Another consequence of man having been given freedom of spirit was that he was thus enabled to adapt himself to any place he was to find himself.

And at those times when up in the North the sun went away and did not come back for many days, and the cold grew more and more bitter, and the animals disappeared, what invisible power had been displeased?

That is probably how gods began to appear. For in almost every old religion one finds a sun-god, and a thunder-god, and a variety of other gods which were connected with nature at the mercy of which people felt themselves to be.

The real guide to the child for his psychic construction is the attitude of the parents and the attitude of the group.

Children do not stop to consider whether they are logical or absurd

They, the children, are the real victims of the psychic storm which rages in our times.