Reading and Solfege

from "Get Better":

It’s not a new app on their device that they spend 60 seconds trying to use (and then give up.)

It’s like a secret code or foreign language. They only need to learn to read once. And it gets easier and easier. Tell them that.

Don’t perform everything you sing in class. Try new things. Expose your students to a variety of literature.

Solfege has worked for a long time. It utilizes kinesthetic/tactile learning by building muscle memory and using the hand as an extension of the voice.

It also helps students to answer “The 4 Music Questions”

  1. What is the note? 
  2. When does it occur? 
  3. How long is it held? 
  4. What does it sound like? 

Reading, counting and dynamics in 20 words or less…BAM !

These questions allow for students to work on individual basis and assess their own progress. Answering them makes for a quick and easy check for their own understanding.

We all have work to do. You do you, they do them