The Things You Own

I used to collect.  

Books, records, cds, movies, orchestral scores, and sheet music for days.  I was a music teacher so it was justifiable spending. 

I was addicted to the local used book store, and didn't understand the idea of access over ownership. I liked having an impressive library at home.

In October 2015 I was about to move, again, for the 9th time in eight years. With each move came the stressful task of packing everything in the house. Thats when I came across a new idea: 
'The Minimalist Game.' 

On the first day of the month:find one item to sell, donate or throw away.  On the second day - two items. Day three - three items.  You get the idea.  

It was geared as a contest between friends to see who could go the longest.  But I wasn't able to find anyone to play it with me so I set my goal to see how many days I could play.

So I started the morning after Halloween. It was easy to find 1-7 items to get rid of the first week.  By day 18 it got tough to decide, and to find 19 more the next day I had to REALLY dig deep.

I lasted the ENTIRE month and was able to toss/sell/donate 360 of my personal items ( only used by me and not my family).  All my collections, stacks of music and scores, movies, it was all gone.  Most of it is digital now anyway.

These days I'm acutely aware of what I own. Each item is something that sparks joy to my life. No more 'just in case' items or boxes of stuff I don't use anymore. It feels great. I don't miss a thing. 

I wonder how long YOU could play?