Year Two

from "Get Better":

I’ve got some bad news. No matter how tough the first year is, year two will probably be worse. I wanted to get that out in the open because it’s important for you to remember.

Year two is where the changes creep in. It’s where the ego starts to build up (assuming it hasn’t yet.) Now that you’ve taken good notes from last year, (pros and cons of EVERYTHING that you did or didn’t do, or did but didn’t do ‘ correctly’) you have room to switch out some of the plates that we mentioned earlier.

This is where ‘we are gonna try something new’. You need to be ready for things to blow up in your face. And they will blow up quickly.

It’s because you’re still a new teacher, regardless of how last year went.

You’ve started from scratch again because you’ve got a whole new crop of students that need to be leaders. They were followers last year and hopefully they absorbed some of what you did with the older ones. Now THEY are the older ones.

They are allowed to be disappointed about things being different. Nobody likes change. Especially young people who deal with very little change.