What You Should Know About Your Child - by Maria Montessori

my notes:

Life includes mind, intelligence and personality.

If education is a help to life, it must help development in both the physical and psychic fields.

Thoughts are institutions.

Whether it is sweet or bitter, prohibition is prohibition.

The sad aspect of this behavior of adults is the tyranny, which the child feels, of being stopped in every attempt on his part to be active: he is being thwarted in his natural yearning for physical and mental activity; he undergoes the torment of being repressed at every turn.

Under the urge of nature and according to the laws of development, though not understood by the adult, the child is obliged to be serious about two fundamental things: the love of activity and independence.

If someone else eats the soup for you, you will not be strengthened.

Such help is thoughtless unkindness.

When the child is born, he is already a human being with eyes and ears and limbs. But what has the mother done? She has merely waited and allowed the child to make himself.

The child before us is something that borders on the marvelous.

Whenever there is a change in the teeth it is a sign that something important in the whole individual is taking place.

The child is born to see, to hear, to know, to enter into relationship with the outer world.

The need for social life, the need to go out and see people and converse with them, is a great part of the need of the child to have communion with the outer world.

When the teacher, instead of imposing herself on the mind of the child, sympathetically watches his development, not only does the child learn better but there is an expansion of the personality of the child.

What is most surprising in man is that his evolution never ends but always continues.

Personal experiences carried out on reality form real knowledge. Such experiences are not only the basis of mental growth, but also of mental health.

What we as educators have to prevent is the disorderly wandering of an unhealthy and wandering mind.