Why are the Singers There? Why Should They Stay?

from "Get Better":

It’s a fundamental human tendency to want to create. Whether it’s music or engineering or chemistry. It’s all about creativity and construction.

These students are constructing themselves and you are a part of who they are, and who they will be. The same way that YOUR music teachers affected you.

You had your reasons for singing up for music classes when you were a student. Most likely you are still enrolled in a performing ensemble of some kind. If not, you should look into joining one so that you can flex those muscles again.

Your students trust you, or at least most of them will. They are there for more than singing old fashioned music, or pop music. They want a way to contribute and help others. They want to do something that they know is good. They want a break from the anxiety of their school day. They have capacity for understanding and experiencing complex human emotion, even if they can’t articulate it.

They are in your class because they might not be happy if they weren’t.